Started our humble beginnings in 1999, we have been the manufacturer and wholesaler for all kinds of Joss Paper and Ceremonial paper products.

Today, we have grown into a One Stop Shop for all your religious needs with our Products and Services:

  • Manufacturer of Joss Paper/ Lanterns
  • Fully Handmade and Customized Paper Models (Bungalows, Cars, Effigies, Clothing etc…)
  • Retail of Prayer items such as Joss Paper, Incense, Oil, Candles
  • 24/7 Funeral Services arrangements

过了21年,我们如今已发展成为一站式服务专店, 以提供您宗教所需的一切产品和服务如:

  • 香纸/ 灯笼的制造
  • 纯手工定制的纸扎模型如平房,汽车,雕像,服装等
  • 零售商品包括香纸,香,油,蜡烛等