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As your love one departs from this world, we understand how important it is to create a personal and memorable last journey and to tide through this difficult time.

At Shuang Rong, we focus on proving you with a One Stop Funeral Service so that you can be assured that your love one departs respectfully and peacefully.

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Buddhist Funeral / 佛教葬礼

 For the deceased, It would mark the moment where they would go to a new mode of existence within the rounds of rebirth. 

When death occurs, all the karmic forces that the deceased has accumulated through the course of his/her lifetime would be activated and would determine their next rebirth. 

And having a funeral would be a show of filial piety, which the family of the deceased can show thier final act of love for the deceased to aid him in this afterlife journey.

Christian / Catholic Funeral / 基督教/天主教葬礼


For Catholics, their faith states that on how righteous you lived, Your soul would either go to hell or heaven. And Catholics also believe in a third destination which is purgatory for the soul. Purgatory is for those who have committed forgivable sins during their lifetime, and may end up in heaven eventually.

Therefore, the Catholics funeral is where it would be a time for them to appeal to god for mercy on the deceased soul.

Taoist Funeral / 道教葬礼

Taoist ceremonies for the dead often include an altar upon which are placed a sacred lamp, two candles, tea, rice, and water. The sacred lamp symbolizes the light of wisdom, yet it could also be referred to as the Golden Pill or Elixir of Immortality. On each side of the lamp are two tall candles that symbolize the light of the sun, moon, and both eyes of the human body. The tea, rice and water are put in cups in front of the altar. The tea symbolizes yin, water is the energy of the yang, and rice represents the union of the yin and the yang

Five plates of fruit are used to symbolize the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These elements are further equated with specific colors: green, red, yellow, white, and black. These elements all go in a cycle that when balanced ensure that the body is healthy. An incense burner is placed in the middle of the five elements. The burning of the incense represents refinement and purification of the soul, also known as the inner energies.

The ceremony usually takes place in a person’s house and is held over an odd number of days, usually three, five or seven days. The candle is lit up for the body all that time before burial. During the vigil and the funeral the relatives wear white.


Non-Religious Funeral / 非宗教葬礼

For non-religious funeral service is where the deceased does not have/practice any kind of religion.

As there are no guide nor traditions for this type of funeral. The format would be the basics or your requirements of your choice.

Doing a Non-religious funeral service would help the family of the decease to to honor the deceased and a fitting way to remember a departed love ones. In certain cases the funeral service may also provide the life they had lived to the family on how the deceased lived.